Tuesday, October 8, 2013

13" Crosstoberfest Recap

So, it happened again.  Cyclocross came to little old Sandpoint in the form of Crosstoberfest last Saturday.  We just so happened to be the very first race in the 10 race series that visits different locals around the Inland Northwest.  Wanna read more about that, go here.  If you don't know what cyclocross is, it's just another form of riding your bike which is good...google it for more info.

So, if you pre-registered then you got a sweet pint glass.  Very nice and worked great for carbo loading.  Sandpoint's course had a Pinwheel in it.  Basically, you ride round and round until you get to the center and then you ride round and round until you get back out.  I guess these are somewhat controversial in some cyclocross circles (no pun intended).  I thought it was rad and so I made some bells.  Other than the pinwheel, the course had some sweet banked turns, some jumps, a log to hop, some cool tree stands, a downhill, a run-up, 2 barriers and a straightaway...where I guess you are supposed to sprint.

Weather was great.  We brought the Greasy Fingers van out with our bike stand and tools.  We helped some people.  We cheered and rang cowbells for a lot of people.  We drank some beer.  We shared some beers.  We meet some new friends, there were like 300 people.  We raced...and we hurt.  There was a lot of swag, we didn't win any.

Ahh, the start/finish.  This was a race.  There were 160 something racers.  I suppose some people did better than they expected.  And I'm sure there were those that didn't do as well as they expected.  And then again I'm sure there were some that did just as they expected.  I fell in between 2 of those statements.
One last note, the Sandpoint Cyclocross group put in a lot of time and effort into the course, promotion and general event to make this such a great day.  Props to them.  The monies for the day went to autism, some $2500.  Props for that.  We had a great time though and can't wait until next year.

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Jen said...

Nice blog post Brian! Hopefully you win some swag next year!