Saturday, October 19, 2013

Clifty/Katka Ride Recap

Clifty is a great ride, and a rather descent one if done as a it should be done.  Anyway, I always seem to do this trail late in the Fall and conditions have at times been challenging.  This time around was no different.

Beautiful, crisp, but sunny, Fall day to start.  Ride up to the trailhead featured some light patches of snow at which I chuckled at and took pics.  I worked up a sweat.

I didn't rest long at the trailhead before starting as I was quickly cooling down.  Trail conditions quickly changed as I encountered 9 down tress in the first half mile, snow depth reached about 3" and there was hoar frost.  Now if you haven't ridden on hoar frost, it is a treat.  You hear cracking and popping as your tire breaks through the thin layer on the ground surface and it feels much luck your riding in sand.  There is added resistance and traction becomes an issue.  All these things were making me feel a little frustrated and the thought of actually finishing the loop came into question.

I forged through the snow and really enjoyed the sidehill section in the sun.  The views were amazing with all the changing colors.  This trail has some of the best sidehill section in the my humble opinion.  The downhill at the end was bomber!  This is one of the only trails were I have had an issue with my brakes heating up and acting a little weird.  It is fast and relentless.  However, I finished and drew some blood.

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