Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Camels Prairie Scouting

Day 2 in Priest Lake for a little fat biking.  Yesterday was a fun and easy day spinning around Hanna Flats.  Today we heading into the hills to find more snow and scout out an overnighter I've wanted to do for awhile.  We headed to the East side of the lake and up toward this little (not really) place called the Echo Bowl and Camels Prairie Hut.

Ride conditions started out great, several snowmobiles had been up the trail and snow was packed great.  Views of the lake, where I just sat and had breakfast a mere 2 hours before, were abundant and beautiful.  Signage at the intersections matched the winter rec map like a charm and navigation was easy.  However, as the snowmobile tracks took off in different directions as we rode further into the hills, so did the easy of pedaling.  In the end, we drove about 4 miles up the road, pedaled about another 4 miles and came about 4 miles short of the destination.  My plan to take this all on in a day may not be achievable.  A sad reality.  I will still go back to ride here...maybe I need more than just an overnighter...

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