Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Adventure by Ice

Riding ice is fun.  If you follow this blog, you will remember a ride we attempted from SP to PR.  Well, we didn't make it.  This time we headed the other direction on the ice and started at City Beach.  In the grand plans we made over beers, we thought it might be possible to ride to Hope.  That seemed like a great goal to throw out there.  We could go to Icehouse Pizzeria for beer and pizza if we made it.  Sweet.

We started out at City Beach where the ice was severely wind blown.  Crunchy, frozen waves shattered like glass as we rode over them.  Mix that in with some sections of ice that were smooth and shine like glass...meaning very slick.  The big, fat tires handled it well though and no one went down.  But let's just say that first .5 miles was very tense.

Once passed the Seasons, conditions improved and we had a blast riding out on the ice and the frozen beaches passed Black Rock, Kootenai Bay, Ponder Point and eventually Oden Bay.  Oden is were the ice ran out.  This was somewhat confusing as that bay is rather shallow and with all the cold weather I though it would have been frozen solid like the rest of the shoreline we had just ridden.  The beach was to rocky to ride, so that ended up being our turn around point.

3.5 hours of fat bike adventure and fun.  Afterwards, we reviewed our ride over beer and pizza at Bricks and Barley.  We didn't make it to Hope, not even close.  But I guess that goal is still out there for another day.  I can't wait.

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