Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fat Biking at WPGR

Oh here a little while back we went and rode at out Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.  I'm a little late in making this post, but that's not the point.  WPGR invited us out to scout out some trails they had groomed for fat bikes.  They already groom a bunch of trails for skate skiing and classic skiing.  These here new trails they wanted us to demo, were groomed just for fat bikes and snowshoers.  Cool, huh?

The loop they groomed was great!  Got about 5 miles of riding in.  They are using 4 wheelers with tracks.  There were a couple of sections that were too steep to ride, particularly with the somewhat softer snow that day.  We recommended they change those sections and they said they would.  There was a fun creek crossing and no one got wet.

This here is the groomer they use for the xc trails.  Fancy.  Trail passes are $10 for the day.  Call ahead and check trail conditions or grooming.  This is a fun, pretty place out in the woods and definitely worth the trip to try somewhere new...oh, and the owners Janice and Roley (the super groomer) are super cool peeps.  Tell them I said hi.  Now go ride...

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