Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cowboy Trail, Wylie Knob Ride Report

I ride these 2 trails every year, usually just once.  I don't however usually ride them in tandem.  Each trail on their own is a decent ride.  Together, these 2 trails become somewhat of a most decent ride.

Anyway, I started with the Cowboy Trail.  I tend to always make a stop at the lake on the climb up, I think it is obvious why.
When you reach the peak of the road and you have sweat in your eyes, be sure not to miss the trailhead which has become very overgrown...however, there is a rock cairn to assist.
Now before I unleash some rather negative words, let me say that I have been riding the Cowboy for years.  I think 8ish.  This trail was most likely put in by horsemen.  The last couple years have seen a rather sharp increase in horse trafffic.  This trail is prone to having very wet areas.  See the problem yet?  Let's just say there are some very rutted, deep mud pits along the trail...more than I ever remember.  In addition, there were a lot of trees down.  Again, horses can walk over and around them easily.  Bikes cannot.  I moved a total of 15 or so, then I started getting tired and hot and quit.  A couple of the spur trails were covered in trees and limbs and I didn't not move anything.  I would also say that this trail is getting rather overgrown in areas.

Beavers, along with mother nature, have put a lot of trees across the trail.
I typically would turn around at the creek and ride the trail back.  However, I really wasn't feeling like it was worth it.  I'd seen enough and thought I would ride up and do Wylie Knob and try and end on a good note.  If you have tender feet, like I do, just leave your shoes on for the crossing.  It is refreshing.

OK, so after the creek it is a short grind up the gravel road to the Wylie trailhead.  Then you get about a mile of some cool singletrack before you hit the old road which you will remain on for the rest of the climb to the top.  The climb sucked.  Maybe because I was already in somewhat of a bad mood.  I hesitate to even write about Wylie as a mountain bike ride because there are sooo many other great rides you could do instead.  However, it is something you can do on the mountain bik,e so, there you go.  And there is a nice creek at the top.  I'm gonna go have a beer and map out my next ride...

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