Monday, July 28, 2014

PSA: July 23rd Storm

As you may or may not (if you live under a rock) know, our area was hit by a rather significant storm last Wednesday, July 23, 2014.  Many structures and items were damaged as winds reached 70-80 miles per hour.  And trees.  Trees were hit hard, and many were knocked over, broken, split, limbed, etc.

This is rather unfortunate for our local trails, as most have the trails had been cleared and were in great shape.  Now, these trails may have trees across them and crews may or may not have time to hit these trails a second time this year to do clean up yet again.  I have received reports from Bonners, Priest and here at home in Sandpoint, that fresh trees are on the trails.  Depending on the location and trail, some were hit harder than others.

Please bear these factors in mind when you head out for your next ride and please take a few minutes to hand clear what you can...and maybe even carry a hand saw.

PSA over...
scene from last weekends ride

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