Wednesday, August 6, 2014

American Falls Ride Report

I camped at Priest again.  Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  Went and rode American Falls.  One of the most unique and beautiful trails in North Idaho.  Throw in some rocks, roots, bridges, creek crossings and some short, but spiked climbs, and this little 8 mile (1 way) ride is a fun challenge.

There are some new bridges.  That is a welcome sight as some of the old bridges are really getting twisted...if you've ridden this trail ya know what I mean.  Don't get so focused on the trail though that you forget to look for Hucks, they are abundant in the area.

Oh, and remember that July 23rd storm?  Well, it dumped half a dozen trees on the trail.  Bummer.  Other than that, the trail was in great shape.
The falls at the end of this trail are just icing on the cake.  I decided to do a little extra credit this particular day and rode American Falls out and then all the way back down to Beaver Creek.  35 miles later, 28ish on some sweet singletrack, and I was beat.  It was wicked hot, so Shadow and I sat in the creek and put down some IPAs.

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