Monday, August 18, 2014

Deer Ridge Ride Report

Deer Ridge is one of my fav high country rider here in the Panhandle.  I usually do rides a couple different ways, come up with the way I like, and then I just always do it that could say I am a creature of habit.  So, for this ride, I always shuttle to the other side of the ridge (East side yo).  Ride up to the lookout, take a break and then bomb down to the Moyie.  And it always helps to end a ride near Feist Creek Inn.
They rent this lookout for the night, I have never done it but it sure would be sweet!
that is not a beer illusion

Hucks were off the hook!  Huge berries all along the trail.  You could just lay in the middle of the bushes and pick em off with your teeth...if you were into that.

Only a couple trees down.  Trail was a great shape.  The lower half was reworked by the BFFS last year.  The tread is still loose with some turned up rocks which makes the fast descent a little hairy.  However, it is wearing in nice and in the future will be much better than it was before the rework.

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