Saturday, September 13, 2014

Seattle Road Trip #1 - Grand Ridge/Duthie Hill

Road tripping to Seattle for Red Fang.  Don't know em?  Check out this video for a glimpse as to how they rock...

Up to speed now?  Good.  So, whenever I hit the road I always try and work in some mountain biking.  Seattle has tons of sweet riding.  And lucky for me, one of my road tripping buddies grew up mountain biking in Seattle.  Things were really coming together.
First up, we rode Grand Ridge Trail which is a 7ish mile ride over to Duthie Mountain Bike Park.  Much has been written about these trails already, so I won't bore you with specifics.  If ya are planning a trip over though, google em.
Anyway, the trails are bitchin.  They have burmed turns and are really just a joy to pedal.  They were all built for mtn biking, by bikers, and it really shows.  After 4 hours of riding, we went back to our hole in the wall hotel and shit, showered and shaved.  We hit Red Fang and School Yard Heroes and the music was off the hook.  We shut down the little town of Seattle, N. Idaho style.  It was a perfect day.  Here are more pics...

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