Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Priest Lake Biking Adventures

This has been one of the best Falls, weather wise, I can remember in a long time.  This means more riding days and more camping.  Off to Priest Lake.  One day of riding East Shore road up to Lion's Head.  Beautiful ride.  They are doing some logging, so there was a bit of heavy truck traffic.  I only wet my shorts a couple times.  This road is windy and narrow with no shoulder.  I would only recommend riding it on the off season (far less tourist/camper traffic).

Then, I rode Lakeshore.  Typically, this would not be significant.  However, this was the first mountain bike ride I've done since injuring myself.  16 miles on the dirt never felt so damn good.  Shoulder held up fine.  Little sore that evening, but I medicated it with a couple IPAs at Millie's.

Oh, and the trail was in awesome shape, but I was surprised to find the the "wet" area is still somewhat wet.  Super short little hike around, but would not usually be there this time of year.  Saw several riders on trail, but like I said, Fall has been good to us.  Go ride and stop reading shit on the internet...

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