Thursday, October 23, 2014

Things that Start with "B"

It was my birthday.  We had a plan to celebrate with bikes, beer, bonfire, etc.  As I sat and thought about the last year, I realized that I have often said that I really seem to like things that start with the letter "B."  Yes, that was as profound as I got.  I don't get all sentimental on my birthday.  I don't get down.  I don't dread being another year older.  I just look at it as another reason to get together with bros (see, another one) and have a bash (ok, I might be stretching things a bit).  We live in 7B.  So, I thought I should come up with a list of  my 7 favorite things that start with "B."

Bikes (2 wheeled and human powered only), beer (as in IPA hoppy goodness with lots of alcohol), brew (as in strong coffee with lots of caffeine), bros (the ones you enjoy the a fore mentioned B things with), babes (I only have one), boobs (she has 2, and this entry may be redundant) and bonfires (I mean BIG fires only).  And that is 7.

There was a mountain bike ride at Brush Lake, trees have been cleared and trail is all good.  Then there was a road tour up the West side of the Kootenai River out of BF with a side trip through the Wildlife Refuge.  Roads were clear and rideable as well.  Oh, so here are some pics from the awesome birthday weekend (thanks Jake for sharing some of yours).

morning view from campsite

i actually am really excited

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