Saturday, November 8, 2014

Schweitzer Rec District Trails are Blowing Up

I did 30 push ups.  Big deal right?  For those keeping track, I injured my shoulder.  My PT said when I can do 30 regular push ups with proper form, I would be ready for some intense mountain biking again.  So, yeah it was kinda a big deal.  As a reward, I grabbed my bike and headed up to Schweitzer to give my shoulder some more intense abuse.

I parked at the round about and this little 4 point (or 8 depending on where you live) walked out to watch me get ready.
On tap was to ride/link all the trails in the "newish" Schweitzer Rec District Area.  Some of these trails have been there for quite a while.  Some of the others have been put in over the last 3ish years as an aggressive push by the district to make a trail system that not only links trails, but many of the dwelling areas.  Many of these newer trails were put in with the use of the Pend Oreille Pedaler's trail machine, mountain dwellers and the creative genius of our local trail wizard, aka Mike K.

Here is a little google capture to give you an idea of where these trails lie...
thanks Ken for map
You got some bearing now?  So, you can see there are many loop options.  Add in the Lower Basin Trail (all the way to the valley) and the Schweitzer Mountain Resort Trails and you now got a ton of XC riding to do.  
just in case you need a breather on the way up

Yup, no motorized traffic allowed on any of these trails, yeah.  However, you will find: some killer views up top, lots of banked turns, buff tread, moderate climbs, a waterfall, good signage, some bitchin bridges and oh, solitude (at least in November).  Go check em out.

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