Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pend Oreille River Ride Report

OK, I am a little late on writing up this ride.  It happened way back when we had cold temps and ice here on the river...and by river I mean the big one.  So, if you follow my ramblings, you will know I have a fascination with riding ice.  In particular, I have life a mission to ride the big river to Priest River (that is a different river).  I have gone out on several rides with this idea in the back of my head.  For this adventure to occur, we would need some epic conditions.  Meaning we would need sub freezing temps for a very extended period.  Even then it would be a challenge as there are deep shorelines and fast moving water in some areas that probably will never freeze.  Combine that with the fact that some shoreline are unrideable or just plain not there.  Remember, you have the river, then train tracks and then the highway.  And if there is snow, there can't be too much snow for the full day of riding.  So, even in a perfect "ice river world" there would still be some pushing and riding on the tracks.

I knew this particular day would not get us even close to getting half way to PR.  The shoreline had a layer of snow over it that was not quite frozen.  Ice on river was thin and not very extensive.  Snow was rather deep.  All that said, it was still a super fun day riding with friends.  We did make it a couple miles down from Dover.  Then we rode the railroad tracks back home.  Then we had beers and recounted.

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