Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Road Trip to No Where Washington

So, we took a little road trip West to...basically the middle of no where Washington.  Along the way we took in a cool frozen lake, got artsy photos of frosty trees, ate at a greasy diner and drank a lot of coffee.  And we hauled our fat bikes.

Once there, where there is, we brewed some beer, made a mess, drank some fine home brew, went to the oldest bar in Washington and went on an awesome bike ride.  We rode over some hills, along a river, through some mud, along some railroad tracks and did some freeriding through the woods.  Yeah, road trips do not suck.


Doug Goodenough said...

Middle of nowhere looks pretty nice. Are those bikes both ice cream trucks?

B-Railer said...

Ahh, good eye Doug. The black one is, but the blue one is a Surly Pugsley.

Doug Goodenough said...

ah, maybe it is the angle but is sure looks like a 4+ tire out back? I just picked up a pugs this year and have done a few snow rides on it. Thinking perhaps I might go with ICT next year for more traction out back.