Monday, March 2, 2015

Bead Lake Ride Report

Just a little FYI, our trails are opening up about a month ahead of schedule.  Yes, typically, Syringa, Gold Hill, Mineral Point, etc. would not be clear and rideable until at least mid to late March.  So, you might go ride those trails and think, "dude other trails are probably open too!"  I would say no, you see we are a month ahead of schedule which means it is gonna take a few more weeks (or several) for other low lying trails to open up.

I went out to Bead Lake, it is typically one of the top 5 I ride at the beginning of the season.  I started to get some signs I might be a bit early in the season though when I saw a tree down on the upper road, snow covering the main parking lot and half the lake still frozen.  I could have turned and went back down to the logger bar and had a cold one.  But, I figured I come all this way, so I would give it a shot.

I had my saw and cleared trail as I moseyed around the lake to the back side.  There is where I turned and headed back.  I was cold.  And the hoarfrost was really beginning to wear on me.  It made climbs challenging to maintain traction.  Descents felt like an endo waiting to happen every time your front wheel would break through.  All in all a good day, but I would wait a couple more weeks before I hit this trail up again.

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