Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pee Wee Ride Report

Priest Lake overnighter on tap.  First up, thought I would hit up the Pee Wee Trail network on the way.  Low lying trails, often frequented by horse backers and ORVs, meaning should be free of snow and downfall.

Now Pee Wee is one of take the good with the bad rides.  Awesome views up top and killer downhill singletrack.  However, the loop up to the top is on some rather steep and nasty atv trails.  The climb can really be a real killer early in the season before you get your legs.

Oh, I forgot my camera for this trip, so here are some even lower quality pics than normal.
And then see the reward for all your effort?  Ran into a couple motorcycles who happened to be carrying a chainsaw.  They were making all the loops and cutting as they went.  Perfect timing on my part.  Didn't have a single downfall, and trail was damn near all dry.  Had to cut the ride short though, as Zags were playing in the afternoon, and beers were definitely in order after that climb.

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