Monday, April 6, 2015

Beacon Hill Ride Report

Little road trip over to Spokane to ride Beacon Hill.  I realize the little description at the top of this here webpage says this blog is about biking in North Idaho.  If you are a stickler for tiny details like that, then you may wanna leave now.

OK, for those of you still here, I make my way over to Beacon a couple times a year.  It is a great little escape, and is rideable early in the season.  So, when I get tired of laps on our local trails and waiting for the snow to melt on the high elevations trails, Beacon often calls my name.

I don't think I have noticed these primitive structures before, I wonder what goes on in there?

The layout and flow of the trails at Beacon is awesome.  What, is it supposed to be "is" awesome or "are" awesome?  Anyways, trails are rated green, blue and black diamond.  There is a nice skills park to work on, well your riding skills.  You can print a trail map online, but I would recommend hitting up one of the local bike shops for a nice glossy one you can keep in your pack for future use.  There is something for everyone at Beacon, and I do mean everyone, as there is also a nice disc golf course, a regular golf course, bouldering, climbing, a RC car area, paved bike path (Centennial Trail), swimming, etc.  Oh, and there are also some great views of the valley (and also, a lot of utility lines and structures).
someone is having a bad day

Going to Beacon in the Spring, also means you will probably see a lot of flowers in bloom.  Bonus.  These trails get used quite a bit, you may also see hikers.  I would note that I have found the trail users to be extremely friendly and use great trail etiquette....which is key with high usage.  I am always surprised to hear Panhandlers say they have never ridden Beacon, their loss.

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