Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bikes N Disc Golf

There are a few things I like almost as much as bikes, not many, but a few.  I think I have listed most before here, but one I don't often touch on is disc golf.  It is fun.  It is easy to get into.  You can take it super serious or you can take it super not serious.  You can drink beer while doing it.  And you can ride your bike to the course.  I hope you are starting to see why this is a great activity for our area.

The Sandpoint Disc Golf Club has done an amazing job moving the disc course and getting things set up at the new Baldfoot Disc Golf Course, in Blady Park, out on Baldy Mtn. Rd. (damn that is a mouth full).  It is still a work in  progress.  But you should still go ride your bike out there, throw some discs, maybe pack a beer, check it out and show some support.

yup, bikes and disc golf to mix

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