Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gravel Pit/Gold Hill Ride Report

Remember a few weeks back when I said many of the local trails had turned to soup and riders should exercise restraint?  Well, that was then, a few sunny days and things have now been looking great this last week.  Syringa, Gold Hill, Gravel Pit and Mineral Point have all dried out...excerpt for a few problem areas.

Can't remember if I have posted any pics from the Gravel Pit area this Spring, but it took a major hit.  The lower part of the road has some major wash out and some upper areas of the road gave out completely.  Kinda weird considering how dry our winter was, keep an eye out if you are bombing down this area.
view from Russ King Way never gets old

Oh, and then the pretty views were marred by some pink spray paint on the trees and rocks going up Gold Hill.  Someone felt the need to make their own mileage markers.  Probably some Strava B.S.  If you happen to know who did this, and I am hoping if you follow this blog you do not associate with people like that, but just in case you do.  You should tell them that their pink paint was selfish, not helpful and considered vandalism.  If so inclined, you should take it one step further and tell them they should turn themselves into the Forest Service.  They would like to know who the culprit is and I am sure they would be happy to include them in the work party that will have to go up and try and someone restore their vandalism back to some "natural" state.  Anyways, that is only if you knew who did it, and I am sure you don't.
This view is much like the previous river picture, but different.  And higher.  Go ride.

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