Monday, April 27, 2015

Schweitzer Basin Trail Ride Report

I've had several people tell me the Basin Trail down from Schweitzer is in great shape.  Hard to believe since it is still April, but I thought what the hell.  Weather was primo.  Rode up the road and ducked into the trail at switchback #4.  You could always start at the very bottom of the trail above switchback #2.  But that lower section is really painful.  Rideable for sure, but nonetheless really painful.  So, if that is your thing start there.

I climbed the XC trail to the Roundabout, and the trails were in unbelievable great shape.  Obvious new work has already been done this Spring to include several new bridges, some rake work and windfall removal.  

Great views up top of course.  I checked out the entrance to Sparky and lower Flow Trails.  Both had a fair amount of mud, so I did not ride them.  Lower Flow was blocked off by some strategically placed trees and there is some fresh lumber decked up.  I bet Mike K is at again.  This trail is fairly new and had some bad wet spots last season.  I'm sure his crew will make them all awesome again.  In the mean time, hit up the Basin Trail, but give the Schweitzer Rec Trails above the roundabout a little while longer to dry out.

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