Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Ride x2

It was Mother's Day, but my mom wasn't in town.  So, I made the best of things.  Me and Fast Eddie went and hit up Bernard Peak.  You will probably get tired of hearing me say this, but people said the trail was in great shape and I thought it was not possible this early in the went to check it out myself.

Weather was great.  Sunny.  In the trees it was a little cool, which was great given the long climb to the top.  I didn't know FE had become somewhat of a vegetation afficiatato.  He pointed out some Dragon's Mouth Orchid (correction) that were blooming all along the trail.  We also saw some huge fungus, or fungi (not sure which is proper).  There was also a patch of Merrells.  Ahh, the things you can see as you slowing grind up the trail.

someone was very, very particular about this mileage marker

five star accommodations at the top
Views?  Damn fine views.  And yes, the trail was totally clear and in amazing shape.  Disturbing how dry the trail is already though.  And the half dozen, or so, creek crossing are hardly creeks anymore.  But rather little mud puddles.  Not a good scene for May.  Anyways, we bombed back down and headed to Evan's Brother Coffee for the CycloFemme de Sandpoint ride.
Great group showed up for the women's cruiser ride.  We headed out to Dover Bay and the group felt that a hydration stop was necessary at Dish.  So, we did and sat out on the lawn in the sun.  Then we all cruiser back to Sandpoint and went to the Neighborhood Pub.  We wound down the ride there as we ate wings, checked beers off our lists and talked about girls and bikes...among other things.  Great Mother's Day!

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B-Railer said...

OK, ok. So, some of you noted I got the name wrong of the purple flower. I have since changed it in the write. Fast Eddie had it right, I wrote it memory was probably affected from the delirious state I was in after the long climb. Thanks for the input.