Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Whitefish Road Trip Part 1: Going to the Sun

So, we all know it has been a low snow year.  That is good for some things and bad for other things.  One good thing?  Going to the Sun Road in Glacier has been cleared to Logan Pass.  It is currently open to bikers and hikers and closed to all motor traffic.  Going down the other side of the pass, to East Glacier and St. Mary, still has snow on it and is closed to all traffic.  You can get current road status HERE.

It being a long weekend with Memorial Day, seemed like a great time to road trip over and check out the road.  We drove to Avalanche to start our ride, which is about an hour outside of Whitefish.  The climb up to Logan Pass from Avalanche (then end of where you can drive to) is 16 miles with no more than a 6% grade.  The first 6 miles or so along the river are very gradual, and then after things get more serious.  But grade is consistent and it is very nice climb.  Logan Pass sits at just over 6,600, which means you will gain about 3,300 vert.

This is one of the coolest rides I have ever done on my bike.  And I would say it was the best road biking experience I have ever had (that was not good grammar).  The road surface and climbing grade were great.  The views were spectacular.  We got to see some wildlife.  We got to go through a tunnel.  We had beers at 6,600 feet.  We got cooled by glacier showers.  I will not bore you with anymore of my ramblings, check out the link and my pics and make a plan to go ride it yourself.
some packed their skis, i packed beer

parking lot party

pack extra clothes for the descent and changing weather at the top

looking down the other side of the road to St. Mary

you may see these...and bears


RCL said...

Great post. Can you tell me what time the park opens to allow you to ride up the road?

B-Railer said...

As of today, Glacier says that the Going to the Sun road will be closed to motor traffic until June 19th...that could change. The park is open for access 24 hours a day. Many people ride the road at night, during the Full Moon...which happens to be tonight. Have fun.