Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cowboy Trail Ride Report

I've been kinda down on the Cowboy Trail the last couple years.  Bike traffic seems to have gone way down.  Horse traffic, on the other hand, has stayed the same and maybe increased a bit.  The horse peeps seem to cut out larger trees on the trail, and anything the horses cannot step over.  That however, leaves a lot of lower lying trees that bikes cannot get over.  Every year I go ride, I pack a saw, and clear out some of these low lyers (is that a word?).  It has been pretty obvious that bikers are not using it much.

The road down the reservoir has a nice new roadblock, I assume it is for motorized vehicles only.  Definitely worth the ride down there for the view.

Amazingly, the wet spots in the trail, are still wet given this super dry summer.  Note all the horse tracks.
The creek is way down at the end, meaning crossing over is no problem at all.  I turned and rode back and hit some of the spur trails.  After cutting some trees and moving some debris, the trail is in pretty good riding shape.  This system is a great ride when you have limited time.

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