Friday, September 18, 2015

Deer Ridge/Snyder Creek Ride Report

Day #2 camping and riding in Bonners.  This ride was intended to to be a little easier than the Mission/Harvey Mtn push the day before.  Plan was to ride up Deer Ridge Trail, visit lookout, ride ridge out and bomb down other side to cold beer at Feist Creek.

Not sure how many times I've ridden this trail, but noticed an old cabin along the way.  Damn the climb is steep, but a short grind to the lookout.  I said a few bad words.  We were looking forward to visiting the lookout and taking in the surrounding views.  However, some family had it rented and had a lot of camping stuff, toys and what not spread out all around the base.  We proceeded to head back down the trail, and had some gun shots fired.  Not sure if at us, but seemed a little close for comfort so we let the brakes go and got out of there quick.  

see more and more signs like this on public lands nowadays
Ridge ride was good.  More ups and downs, until the super big, shit eating grin downhill to the Moyie.  I realize I said yesterday's descent was one of the best in the region, BUT this one ain't too shabby either.  It is very unique too, in that is mostly a long sidehill descent with hardly any switchbacks.  There is a lot of exposure.  Check yo brakes.

 Here is a warning for you, when you make social status updates on the trail bad things can happen.

Great day of riding!  Scorched rotor was no better today obviously.  Trail was all clear and had current evidence of being cut out recently.  Go ride it and enjoy the Fall.
new additions to the trailhead


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