Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mission/Harvey Mtn Ride Report

It was a crisp morning for a ride, particularly up in the hills above Bonners.  We shuttled up to ride Harvey/Mission Mtn, and right away, I realized I had not packed enough clothes.  No turning back though.  The sign about parts of the trail be closed to logging were somewhat disheartening, but the group decided it was not enough to deter us from riding.  We forged on.

The logging ended up being a none issue and wasn't affecting any of the trail.  But then there was the pile of bones along side of the trail, a reminder to not be the last one up the hill.  The climb up to Mission Mtn is always a bear.  Seems to be more pushing and less riding than I would like.  The view at the top always seems to help, although on this days thick cloud cover hampered that.  Oh, well.  We did have some fresh snow for a snow ball fight.

Some of my favorite sidehill riding ensues after the peak, followed by one of the longest, fastest downhills in the area.  So, fast I seem to have scorched my front rotor.  Bummer.  Good news, I know which brake to use.

Love the history in the area.  Fun times exploring after the ride.  Damn fun ride and well worth the long shuttle.

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