Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Syringa Trail

Geez, I just realized I never posted a pic or made mention of the new trail up at Syringa this summer, Little John.  It was put in very early in the summer.  As with all new trails it has taken some time to wear in, but is riding great right now.  This is basically a "bypass" trail so you can get to the top of Sherwood Forest without having to go up that steep climb right after the triangle/3 way intersection.

I am all for new trails.  I love riding all trails.  However, I must admit that I am a little torn over this new addition.  You see, before you had to ride up the steep and loose climb to get to the top of Sherwood.  There was no other way.  While I never really enjoyed that section, it was a great test and always felt good when I crested the top.  Especially, knowing that I had just finished the last pitch of my ascent from Pine Street, and now I was gonna be rewarded with the sweet descent down Sherwood.  I could still go that way if I wanted, but you know how mind games work.

So, there ya go.  Now you know...if ya didn't already.  And now you have seen a picture.  And an action shot of one of the corners on the new trail.
And a bonus as I also realized I don't think I ever posted a pic of this new art by the blue trees.  Kinda creepy.  So, there you go with that.  I have informed you.  Now it is your duty to go ride and check it all out yourself.

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