Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bulldog Point Trail

This will be my last post on Priest Lake riding...for a little while at least.  There is this little trail off the Woodrat (or Hoodrat) Tr called Bulldog Point.  It is only 2 miles long.  There used to be a good scenic overlook, but it is getting pretty overgrown now.  A little below the actual lookout, there is actually a better view spot these days.

Anyway, the Bulldog Tr is a really, really fun ride.  Good climb up to lookout, then a great descent to road.  Not really worth driving all the way to Priest to do this one trail, but in combination with the Hoodrat Tr you would be in for a good afternoon of riding.  Check it out next time you are up there.

that is not a bulldog

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