Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fall Whitefish Road Trip

Ever have writer's block?  I have had a touch here recently.  It seems to come and go for me, not really anything I can do but let it run it's course.  I have been trying to carefully draft a write up for a ride I recently did, and every time I sit to write I cannot get words on the screen that make me happy.  Now I realize I am just writing about bikes.  These are not a thesis on nuclear physics or some medical breakthrough.  However, I do take pride in what I put out there for the 5 or so people that read this blog.  So, I have decided to shelf that post for now and move I am getting backlogged.

Let me just say that about a month ago I went back and did some riding, and beer sampling, in Whitefish.  It is a mere 3 hour drive over there.  3 hours is really about my limit for a weekend trip.  We left after work on Saturday and made happy hour.  Woke Sunday, had some coffee at the Red Caboose, rode bikes, sampled more Montana beer, woke Monday and replayed Sunday, then drove home and was in bed by 9pm.  You see the timing works great.

Damn that writer's block, words are just flowing now!  Which is good because I forgot my camera for this Whitefish trip.  In addition, the camera on my phone has not been working since an unfortunate incident on the river last summer (don't worry I am up for an upgrade soon).  No pics.

Anyways, day #1 we rode to the top of the Whitefish Resort.  Started from town at a little over 3k' and topping at 6,800.  Great network of trails to the top, hell of a climb.  Grade is very consistent.  Amazing panoramic views at top as a reward for your effort.  Descent back down was over in a flash, careful not to get on one of downhill trails, unless of course that is your thing.

Day #2 was on the Whitefish Trail System, specifically the Spencer Lake area.  There is a perimeter trail, and I hit that with a couple alternates.  I have ridden a fair amount of the Whitefish trails and I love them all.  The trails are all great and signed well.  Spencer has a lot of brand new trails.  However, some trails in the network are old, and look to have been there a quite while.  Horses use the area a lot.  And by the looks of some of the trails I was on, motorcycles hit em too.  There are some very steep, albeit short, pitches along the loop.  Fun riding, but I will admit given all the other great trails in the area not one of favorites.

I hope this motivates you to plan a road trip and check out the trails.  My recommendations: upon arriving in town hit up the Great Northern Brewery to settle into the local vibe, get your pre-ride caffeine fix the the Little Red caboose and finally get a trail map (and maybe some socks) at Glacier Cyclery...them guys are pretty cool.

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