Saturday, November 28, 2015

Winter Fatty Season is Open

Been riding the fatty on the Schweitzer Rec District Trails for a couple weeks now.  Conditions have been great.  A fair amount of fatty traffic is keeping the trails packed in nicely.

Recently, I was asked to go with a group on the Basin Trail.  We had some fresh snow, so I thought this sounded good.  6 of us rallied down from the roundabout to the Red Barn.  The trails are in amazing shape for fatties!  Everyone had a blast.  Features were mostly rideable, and tread was stable.  Go do some Rec Distric loops and then bomb down the Basin for a great big fatty day.  As a note, the "road to nowhere" at the roundabout has yet to groomed this season and is tough going...proceed with a high stamina.

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