Thursday, January 14, 2016

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch Fat Bike Report

Riding has been pretty great everywhere, so far this season.  Western Pleasure is always on my list to hit up.  Located about 20 minutes North of Sandpoint, WP makes for a great day trip or overnighter.  They have about 12 miles of groomed trails.  Please call 208.263.9066 first to check trail conditions before heading out.  A trail pass is $10/day.  Check out their Trail Map.  So, you will see that winter trails fall into 2 main areas: The Big Hill and The Meadows.

Schweitzer is up there somewhere

so many choices...

The Big Hill is much like it sounds.  I good climb from the lodge up to some great views of the Schweitzer and the surrounding mountains. The trails are machine packed and very rideable.  They are not meticulously groomed however.  And given the steepness of the trails, you will not encounter any skate skiers and only the most adventurous xc skiers.  This area of trails is best suited for fat biking and snowshoeing.  There are about 5.5 miles of trails.  This is the recommended area to ride your fatty.
Gitzo groomer used in Meadows area

always ride as far to the edge as possible on groomed xc trails

view of the meadows

Then there is the Meadows area.  The 7ish miles of trails in this area are meticulously groomed with a professional groomer.  There are some spectacular views.  These trails are frequented by lots of skate and xc skiers.  Personally, I would stick to doing loops in the Big Hill area.  But if you are looking for a few more miles of riding or just can't resist, please use the same rules as you would for riding up at Schweitzer.  If you are leaving more than an 1" rut in the trail, pack it up.  The grooming is around 7-8' wide.  Much like Schweitzer trails, everyone has a "home" or place where they should travel.  Skate skiers are in the biggest corduroy section, around 5 feet wide.  You will then see a classic track set off to one side.  DO NOT ride in either of these areas.  Fat bikers and snowshoers are to travel on the 18-24" section on the outside of the set xc track.  If there is no xc track, just ride as far to the edge of the grooming as possible to minimize any trail impact.

Add Western Pleasure to your fat bike riding list and go check them out.  I am sure you will have fun and you will also be supporting some really fine folks.

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