Sunday, February 14, 2016

Liberty Lake Road Trip

I know, I know.  Liberty Lake?  Where the hell is that?  Well, it lies about halfway between CDA and Spokane.  Or, just a little over an hours drive from Sandpoint.  Anyways, I heard about some trails recently developed there, and with the nature of the climate it seemed like a great early season ride option.  So, a road trip (kinda) was planned.

The trails are in the Saltese Upland Conservation area.  Supposedly, the area was adopted about 5 years ago, and trails commenced shortly thereafter.  There are about 7 miles of "designated" trails, here is a trail map.  With that said, I talked to a couple "locals" who said there are at least that many more miles of non-marked trails in the area.

I rode around for close to 2 hours, and I gotta say the trails were really fun.  Tread is smooth and fast, not many rocks.  Climbs are gradual and not very long.  Terrain was rolling hills with kinda a high desert type feel.  There was lots of tall grass and bushes, and not a lot of trees.  There were also some great views...depending on which way you looked.  Now, don't go there expecting some epic ride day.  Given the ease and length of rides, this is not gonna be some major ride.  But for some early season miles or for a beginner or if you just wanna go knock out some quick miles on some really nice singletrack, this would be your place.

not from Shadow

best pic I could get of map

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