Monday, May 23, 2016

State of the Trails at Mid May

I haven't written much recently.  Work.  Been putting in some training for the Beer Century.  Great rides exploring dirt and gravel roads off the beaten path.  Oh, and been putting in dirt time.  The usual suspects are riding great right now...Syringa, Mineral Point area, Gold Hill complex, Lower Basin, Farragut and Brush Lake.

We had a great snow pack going into April.  But then we set some records for how fast it melted.  Trails that typically wouldn't be open for a few weeks are starting to shows some signs of life.  Looks like much like last year, many trails will be opening a few weeks before "average."  Whatever average means in our current climate mode.  Before you get too excited, there is one thing of note, last winter had some major wind events.  Meaning many trees were knocked down and even when trails melt off there will often need to be a lot of cutting done before they are rideable.

Anyways, here is a list of what I know as of today...I also try and keep the Trails Page as current as possible:

Sandpoint Area: 
Syringa, Mineral, Gold Hill all great right now!
Farragut is cut and clear. Bernard had many, many trees down but is now clear and good to the top.

Schweitzer Area:
Selkirk Rec Trails: Lower Basin (check out new XC trail below swithback #4), Upper Basin, Sidewinder, Upper/Lower Flow and Corkscrew all clear and good.  Huge thanks to Mike K for his efforts up there. Note: shuttle season starts June 4th.
Schweitzer Mountain resort: Summer opening day is June 24th

Newport/Oldtown: trail along lakeside is great along Bead Lake, many trees on North end as you climb to FS Road.

Bonners Ferry Area: Brush Lake trails great...all the others in area are gonna take a while (snow and lots of trees).

Priest Lake Area: Lakeshore Trail just got cut, so trail clear but lots of muddy areas gonna take a while to dry out.  This area has lots of trees down, gonna be a while as trails get cut out.

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