Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trail #120 Stuff

Trail #120 is one of my top big rides for North Idaho, you can read my last post on the last time I rode it.  Although a great ride with some stunning views, it is a very technical ride which also requires some good physical conditioning.  The biggest hurdle to this ride however, is that the Clark Fork end came out on private property.  Meaning you had to ride up Strong Creek and out from Round Top Mt. as a out and back, killing the idea of an even more epic shuttle ride (or BIG loop).

Then the Idaho Trails Association cut in a new section of trail on the Clark Fork end off of Spring Creek Rd recently.  This new trail connects into a old section of trail that drops down from Bee Top Mt...about now you will be scrambling for your FS map.  This is awesome news!  We will again be able to ride these trails end to end as a shuttle or mega loop with road riding.

WARNING:  Although the "new" section of trail is done and technically all trails now connect, the old trail coming down from Bee Top is in very poor condition.  The tread is very hard, if not impossible, to find in some areas.  In addition, there are many, many trees down on it as I write.  The FS is currently working to saw it out and do some retread.  Once it is clear, the more it starts getting used the more the trail will start getting worn in.  Until then, be a little patient.  It will be epic.

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