Friday, October 14, 2016

Deer Ridge/Snyder Creek Ride Report

Ahh, weekend up in the high country of the Purcell Mountains.  We were looking to do the Snyder Creek Trail #205, but weren't really feeling up to ridge riding from the Deer Ridge lookout over.  There were some mumbling of the previous evenings shenanigans.  Anyways, crafted a route starting from the Deer Ridge Trail #350 trailhead, off FS Rd #2517.  I am noticing a lot of numbers on the screen, hope they make sense cause I am starting to get confused.  

Shadow photo bomb

start with a climb

Anyways, I hadn't ridden this Northern section of the Deer Ridge Trail in probably 6 years...if memory serves me right.  It is a rather long shuttle ride, even if you are in the Bonners Ferry area to begin with.  But the 1.75 miles of riding to the Trail #205 intersection was straight up amazing!  Open meadows, fun ups/downs and some great 360 views packed into one short trail.  Then we hit the Snyder Creek Trail for 6ish miles of sidehills and fast descending.  5 trees down for the day, 4 of which we were able to clear.  Trails were in great shape.  And this ended up being a great route if you are looking for a rather easy day of riding (way more descending than climbing).  There is still time for you to do it...but not much.
some of the miles of sidehill on Snyder Creek

cool mossy rock

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Couple of suspicious lurkers in the background of that first shot. Be careful out there.....