Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mineral Point/New Mud Lake Trail Connector Ride Report

Cruised out to Green Bay to ride.  The Mineral Point, Lost Lake and Mud Lake Trails are always a solid ride with great views.  These trails also happen to be some of the first to open in the Spring and last rides open into late Fall/early Winter.  Just an FYI as I look at the snow in the hills already.

Anyhow, there is a new trail in the area as well.  Well, not really so much a new trail as a new addition to an existing trail.  The Mud Lake Trail now extends South and across FS Rd #532.  This new connector is .6 miles (according to my bike computer), and ties into the Mineral Point Trail about a 1/2 mile below the midpoint trailhead where the restrooms, picnic tables and viewpoint are located.  The trail is all cut in and clear, but not fully buffed.  It is rideable now (better heading downhill to Mineral Point Trail than trying to go uphill though).  It is pretty rough.  Next year it should be finalized.

This new connector is an awesome addition to the system out there.  It will make for some great new loop options.  As a note, I know we all like to get new trails.  I remember walking and flagging this proposed trail some 6 years ago.  New trails often take a lot of background time and effort before ground is actually broke.  Being patient sucks.  Go check out this trail before snow flies.

here is a view of the fresh trail


Donny McClure said...

Just went out to this ride with the kids , great with the fall leaves this time o year. Didn't try the new connector yet will next time when we aren't with the kids. Thanks for the update Brian .... I always forget how great those trails are.

B-Railer said...

Yeah hard to beat those trails for fall riding! Glad you made it out and thanks for comment. See ya on the trails!