Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Farragut State Park is Grooming for Fat Bikes

Breaking news!  Farragut State Park has just started to groom trails specifically for fat bikes.  We went down to ride and chat with the rangers and here is what I can tell you:
1) Fat bike grooming is new for the park, so are still figuring things out and things will progress as winter evolves. Also, they are still working on getting the trails all ready and signed. Everything should be complete Thursday.
2) Fat bike riding is limited to the North section of the park only, so everything above Hwy 54. Winter trails are somewhat different than the summer trails. Stop in the info center and get the winter trails map...and I would suggest the summer map ($1) as well. 
3) They are grooming the Buggy Loop for fat bikes. There is a groomed trail down the middle of the loop making for Loop A (4 miles), Loop B (6 miles) and the whole Buggy Loop (9 miles).
4) All trails in the North section of the park are multi use. So, while these loops are groomed for bikes, they are also open to walker (yes, we saw several walkers on the groomed trails...bummer), snowshoers, XC skiers, and even, horse buggies or sleighs.
5) You do not need any "trail pass" to ride in the park, but you must have a State Park Parking Pass available at info center for $5 a day or added to you vehicle license at the DMV for $10 annually.
6) Lastly, the groomed XC trails south of the Hwy are NOT open to fat bikes.
Go ride as this is another great fat bike option and think about swinging by or dropping a note to rangers to let them know.  Now go ride...

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John Speare said...

headed there now! thanks for providing the perfect info for us