Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fat Biking off Schweitzer Roundabout

A couple weeks ago snow started to stick in the mountains, and more of interest at Schweitzer Mountain.  A few of us have been riding off the roundabout pretty much every day since.  We have noticed a lot more fat bike tracks and run into a lot more fat bike riders than usual...our group is growing!

Anyways, in an effort to keep the trails around the roundabout open as long as we can, eventually there will probably be more snow than we can keep up with on the trails, we have started packing and grooming the trails.  Which trails?  Oh yeah, specifically Lower Flow, Upper Waterfall and the new Loop Ski- View Ski Trails.  In addition, Schweitzer just ran the groomer down the Future Road so it is all primo.  The Service Road to Smelly Lake has had a lot of recent traffic and is packed and ridable all the way down to the lake.  So, there is a little something for every rider up there right now.  Easy wide trails on the Future and Service Roads, intermediate singletrack riding on Lower Flo and Upper Waterfall and more advanced singletrack riding (mostly because of the big climb) on the Loop Ski-View Ski. 

As of today there is a good 18" of snow in the roundabout area.  Everything is riding great!!  So, go take advantage of it while you can and check back for future updates.

evening snowshoe packing session, working in switchbacks
one of several views of the new Loop Ski-View Ski Trail

Flo Trail

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