Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Indian Creek CG has Upped thier Winter Grooming

Rang in the New Year up at Priest Lake.  They have some cabins at Indian Creek CG you can rent year round, and they are very affordable.  They are not very big, and are somewhat primitive, but that is the point.  

There was some usual evening shenanigans.  Along with a rare sighting of a beer tree in the wild.

playing pirate games

rare beer tree spotting

fat tracks on the left of set XC track

Anyways, on to why you are really here, the riding.  Well, the Park received a grant for a new machine to pull the groomer they use for the XC trails.  It is a side-by-side with tracks on it.  They pull a groomer that packs an area about 3' wide with a classic ski track in the middle.  The tracks of the side-by-side pack an area about 10" or so on each side of the groomed 3' area.  I am guesstimating these numbers, so they may not be exact, but you get the idea.  Riding the area packed by the machine tracks was amazingly fun.  There was plenty of room to slide around and not interfere with the classic ski track.  Oh yes, the park asks that you always try and avoid riding into or across the set ski track.  The park has a winter trails map that shows all the trails they groom.  There are also map boards scattered throughout the trails.  Trail fees?  None, but there is a donation box in the park HQ.  And don't forget you need a state parking pass to park your vehicle in any Idaho Park (get the annual at DMV or a daily at park).

navigation happening

Before you go, there is more.  I know, how could it be any better?  Well, the park staff has started grooming a fat bike specific trail along Indian Creek.  This .5 mile trail is packed with a snowmobile (the side-by-side can't go through there because of the trail bridges).  It is a fun little trail with some great scenery.  Because of the 2 snow packing difference between XC trails and the fat bike trail, the riding experience is quite different.  Both fun.  I would recommend hitting all the trails.  It will be about 2 hours of riding, depending on snow conditions, and well, your body conditioning.  Have fun, and make a point to stop in and tell the park staff you appreciate their grooming efforts!

until next time little cabin

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