Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Road Trip Time

Needless to say this last winter was kinda long.  And, well, Spring has been pretty wet and cold thus far.  Windows for riding have been short and far between.  Our local trails have been slow to melt and dry out.  So, making the annual pilgrimage South or West in search of dirt was in order.

First dirt ride of season was at Beacon Hill last weekend...like the one before this last one...yes, I am slow at getting this info out to you.  Anyways, Beacon was in great shape.  Dry.  Loamy.  It felt fantastic to catch some sun and not be riding on snow, ice or mud.

can't believe i have never noticed this before

wildlife sighting...fatty
forts in the forest

So, as you can see from them pics, the trails were pretty sweet.  After working out the kinks at Beacon, it was on to the Saltese Upland Trails in Liberty Lake for day #2 of road trip.

Besides for a couple mud pits, the trails were in great shape and riding fast.  I should clarify, the trails were fast, but I was not.  There is some science going on with the trails at Saltese.  I won't bore you with the specifics, but basically the soil has a high amount of clay content.  The clay mixes with water from the Winter and Spring to form a very hard packed surface, kinda like concrete.  Except you are not riding on concrete, you are riding on dirt.  But it is fast like concrete, even though you are really riding on dirt.  Make sense?

pretty flowers
lake is full
In conclusion, you should load up your bike and hit up one or both of these rides.  Soon enough, our trails will be ready to ride, and you will have all summer to hit them.

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