Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Road Trippin Version 2.1

Damn, well the riding was so good down in Spokane and Liberty Lake last weekend, decided we should go hit it up again.  Road trip.

First up, dropped in off the High-drive onto the South Bluff Trails.  These trails feature sidehill riding galore!  They are fast.  There can be some rocky sections.  The Latah Creek (also heard it referred to as Hangman's Creek which I like better) is always roaring below you.  This is some of my all time favorite riding in Spokane.  If you don't like riding somewhat exposed sidehills, you might not enjoy some of them as much.  Here is an article that was written about them a few years back, by someone much more articulate than I.  Also, check out his map.  It is not the best map for navigating, but then again, navigating these trails is somewhat of a challenge since none of them are marked.  So, go with a sense of adventure, use the map as a general reference point and just ride.  It is pretty hard to get lost.

I like to start at 14th Street Parking lot.  One word of caution, these trails can be extremely popular on a nice day.  What for walkers...and their dogs.

this is one of the many long sidehill sections of trail
shall we call this urban art?

more wildlife
Day #2 of riding was to feature more of the trails at the Saltese Uplands...which I wrote about in the previous post.  However, the weather had other ideas.  Namely pounding rain, and some hail.  I quickly lost my motivation to ride, so we visited some local watering holes and played some games.

Last word, I haven't hit Riverside State Park yet this year.  But you should definitely add it to your early season riding list when down in Spokane as well.  Lots of options, don't let excuses get in the way.

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