Monday, July 24, 2017

Trails and July

Well, typical summer craziness and not a lot written here lately. I hope you have been getting out and riding. July 4th is the date every year where we can say most all our trails should be clear of snow, dry and sawed out. This year was a little later because of our harsh winter and long Spring. But safe to say most all trails posted here are good to go now.

I would like to report a couple trails of note. First, if you follow writings here you know Trapper Creek and the Centennial Trails are one of my favorite rides. The Centennial Trail has been hit hard by blow downs over the last few years and less and less trail work was being done to clear and maintain it. Last time I rode it, I kinda thought it might be the last time. A very reliable source just went and rode both trails, and except for 1 very large tree, both trails are clear and riding great. So, go hit them up. And thanks to whoever took on the monumental task of clearing.

Second, and not such a glorious report here, is on Trail #120. I had a good friend just go ride this trail. This is someone that has ridden this trail many, many times before. It is one of their top rides. I was told the brush is so thick up top it is really hard to ride. The brush makes it especially hard to see rocks hiding along the edge of the trail until you strike your pedal on them or clip your front wheel. Obviously, this trail is really in need of work. It is hard to get to though for trail work. And as far as popularity, I don't think it gets used a whole lot anymore. While the lower sections of the trail that were recently built are great, it's hard to justify getting beat up going up Strong Creek and battling all the brush to come down that relatively small section of the trail. We will have to see how things play out.

Now go ride! And feel free to drop my trail notes at

Thursday, July 6, 2017

17' 6-Pack Alley Cat

8 years running!

Here is how it will go down:
* Come down to Greasy Fingers and register from 1-2pm on Sunday. Bring $15 for reg.
* Riders will be asked to gather up around 2pm
* 5 min before ride start we will hand out a manifest which will contain 6 "checkpoints" around town
* You must go to each checkpoint to get your manifest either signed or to collect requested info to fill in the blank
* YOU get to choose the order of checkpoint and the route
* Not a race, but prizes for 1st, 2nd and DFL
* 3 catagories: road, mtn and cruiser ride whatever ya got
* Plan to ride 12-15 miles...depending on the route you choose
* This year's ride will benefit our local Marine Corps League.