Thursday, July 6, 2017

17' 6-Pack Alley Cat

8 years running!

Here is how it will go down:
* Come down to Greasy Fingers and register from 1-2pm on Sunday. Bring $15 for reg.
* Riders will be asked to gather up around 2pm
* 5 min before ride start we will hand out a manifest which will contain 6 "checkpoints" around town
* You must go to each checkpoint to get your manifest either signed or to collect requested info to fill in the blank
* YOU get to choose the order of checkpoint and the route
* Not a race, but prizes for 1st, 2nd and DFL
* 3 catagories: road, mtn and cruiser ride whatever ya got
* Plan to ride 12-15 miles...depending on the route you choose
* This year's ride will benefit our local Marine Corps League.

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