Monday, August 14, 2017

Round the Lake (RTL) Priest Lake Edition

After a long hiatus (just long enough for everyone to forget the pain), RTL is back September 17th at 8am. The Priest Lake edition involves 80 miles as we circumnavigate both the Upper and Lower lakes. Enjoy some of the best singletrack in North Idaho, all while taking on a BIG challenge.

- A route map with turn-by-turn directions will be handed out before the event.
- The main ride route will utilize as much singletrack as possible (versus roads). If you are feeling tired or not up to riding all the singletrack, alternate road options will also be listed.
- If you do all the singletrack trails listed, you will ride 6 different trails for a toal of 35 dirt miles and 45 paved road miles with just over 6,000' for the day.
- This is s self supported ride, however there will be 2 recharge stations with water and basic snacks along route.
- Ride will depart and end at Indian Creek Campground on the East side of the lake. There are also cabins for rent at the CG. Hotels are available in Coolin on the South end of the lake.
- After party will be at the campground with beer and dinner.
- Mountain bike is the recommended tool for the day.
- This is not a race. There will be no awards (other than beer). There will be no sag.
- $10 donation for map, signs, snacks, dinner & beer.
- If you are planning on attending this ride, please mark yourself as "going" on the FB event page or shoot me an email at so we can get a headcount for food, beer, maps, etc.

Sponsored by Greasy Fingers Bikes N Repair

Word is there may a limited edition tee again this year...stay tuned.

Hope to see you at Priest Lake!! It will be an awesome ride. Email me at with any questions.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

American Falls Ride Report

Remember last year's reports on the American Falls Trail. No? Well, some horses went in early season when the ground was very wet and soft. They left a lot of holes in the trail, that really made it unrideable. I mean, you could still ride it, but many I talked to turned around before the falls because it was in such bad condition. There was some good news out of 2107 for this trail, as it got many of its old and decrepit bridges replaced. While we cussed horses on trails over the winter, the snowpack was working some magic. Enter 2018, the trail is in amazing shape again. And the new bridges are awesome. 

note the bear sign
Someone recently said their was some petrified wood along the trail. I have never seen petrified wood, nor do I really know how it comes about. What I can tell you is, sure enough, there is some about 5 miles in on the left side. It span close to 10' across in some spots. It was one of the coolest things I've seen. You wanna know anymore about it, you should google it.
petrified wood sighting

giant sighting
The trail tread was in great shape, but we did have to climb over 7 trees. All manageable.

bear sign, the real kind
The falls are always a nice treat. Although I was hot from the ride, the water was a little cooler than I wanted for a dip. Nonetheless, I drank a beer and ate my lunch while sitting in the cool mist. American Falls really is a must do, but the drive from Sandpoint is a bit hard to swallow at close to 2 hours. I always plan this ride while camping up at Priest Lake, even then it is still around an hour. Anywho, go ride...and watch for bears.