Friday, September 8, 2017

Purcell Bike Rally (PBR)

The Purcell Mountain Range makes up the very Northeast section of the the Idaho Panhandle. Most of the area is rugged and remote, but also holds many amazing high country rides. These are not easy rides, but the challenges are filled with rewards. 
Buckhorn Ridge Trail
Greasy Fingers Bikes has rented out the Snyder Guard Station, Sept 23-25th, which sits in the middle of the Purcells and is close to many of the epic rides in the area. You can read all about Snyder's history in the link, but basically it is a 10 acre compound used by the Forest Service from 1906-1982. Now retired, you can rent the Guard Station for events. The Guard Station sits right on the banks of the Moyie River and has a main ranger house, 2 cabins (3-4 beds/per), a tent camp area (3 tents max), a camp trailer area (6 individual spots), a cookhouse, a 50x30' covered picnic/event area, campfire rings, horseshoe pit, running water, flushable toilets and showers.

Here is what you need to know:
  • Reservation is required, 24 people max allowed at Snyder. Please specify if you would like a tent site (3 available), trailer site (6 available) or cabin bed in one of the 2 bunkhouses (7 available). 
  • Cost is $35/per person for the event.
  • Times: You can arrive any time after 3pm on Saturday, and must be moved out of Snyder by 12am on Monday.
  • What's included in cost? A place to sleep for 2 nights and access to all amenities, dinner Sat & Sun nights, breakfast Sun & Mon morning, beer from keg, shuttle for rides Sun & Mon.
  • No dogs allowed. 
  • Rides for Sun & Mon will depend on group. Choices included, but not limited to: Ruby Ridge, Deer Ridge, Sidehill, Danquist and Buckhorn Ridge.
  • To register, simply email Brian@Greasy
  • with number of people and preferred sleeping arrangement. You are welcome to mail or swing a check by the shop, or for a few dollars extra we can email you a link to pay online through Eventbrite.
Here are some pics of the Guard Station:

main entrance

main ranger house


2 cabins

trailer spot

picnic/event area

map of compound

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Trapper Creek/Centennial Trail Ride Report

For those that follow ramblings here, you know the Trapper Creek/Centennial Trails are a couple of my favorites. The Trapper Creek Trail always seems to get cleared out every year, but over the last several year's the Centennial portion had gotten more and more blow downs. Alternate routs went around some piles of trees. In some areas the original trail was not even visible as there were so many trees piles on it. It really bummed me out as it looked like the trail might be lost. The work to saw and clear everything out to make the trail all rideable again seemed monumental. 

Then someone told me it had been cleared and they had ridden it. I couldn't make plans fast enough to get up to Priest Lake to check it out.

trailhead horsing around
We started at Lion's Head, made our way through the ATV maze, crossed Caribou Creek and started up the Centennial Trail. I can verify that is back to it's original state. We moved 4 trees off the trail and 3 we left because they were to big to move (but still easy enough to crawl over). I was reminded how much I love that trail. In no time, we were at Trapper CG and made our way to the TH at the North end. We had some lunch. Then I cleaned some shit off my tires, that's always fun.

old cabin on Trapper Creek Trail

trailside booty find
weaving through one of the many narrow cut out sections

like needles in a haystack...there is a rider somewhere in there

We rode back to Lion's Head, and it was a long afternoon of riding. Trails were great. I'm always amazed at the natural flow to the Trapper Trail. It is just so fun. Not to mention the amazing rain forest like quality of the area with a very dense forest canopy and huge old growth trees. The valley floor is covered in lush green ferns, moss and grass. It is simple amazing.

So thankful to those that worked so hard to reopen these trails. Go ride em...or come up for RTL Round Lake on September 17th.