Monday, October 2, 2017

Deer Ridge/Snyder Creek Trails Ride Report

I love going up to the Deer Ridge Lookout. I especially love riding down from the lookout, in particular the Snyder Creek Trail portion of the decent. My normal route has always been to do a mega shuttle and start with riding up Trail #277. Oh, that reminds me that trail got some major tread work done this summer along with a new bridge across Deer Creek. It is in great shape right now. Thought you might wanna know that. But back to my route. I ride up Trail #277 to the lookout. It is a grind of a climb. Once I poke around the lookout and snap some pics from the deck, I head out the Deer Ridge Trail. The ridge riding of the trail has some fabulous sections. It also contains some steep hike-a-bike sections. It is your standard North Idaho adventure ride. All that happens before you start your descent toward the intersection of the Snyder Creek Trail. The Snyder Creek Trail is where the descent really ramps up and thing turn straight down amazing.

That long introduction, leads me to the point of this ride report as I did a new route. This new ride route still falls under the category of mega shuttle, but cuts out the big climb to the lookout and the hike-a-bike along Deer Ridge. Instead of starting at Trail #277, I drove further up and the road and started at the North end of the Deer Ridge Trail. I rode the Deer Ridge Trail South to the Snyder Creek Trail intersection and picked up the descent from there just like I would had I done it my usual way. It made for an awesome ride option.
fall colors on Deer Ridge

The short couple miles on the Deer Ridge Trail to Snyder are really fun, and only include one short hike-a-bike. The long, fast descent down Snyder is like none other in the area. And then there is always post ride beers at Feist Creek Inn. All this adds up to a great day in the North Idaho backcountry.
never take the easy way out

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