Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fault Lake Trail Ride Report

Last year I rode the Fault Lake Trail, and said I would not ride it again until some clearing had been done. The trail was so overgrown in areas you could barely get your handlebars through it. Pushing your bike up it with the brush was not anymore fun. 

Alas, this summer I heard the trail had been cleared and was again in great shape. I can imagine this was no easy task. Clearing all the alder and brush along the sides of this trail was a monumental job. All this work was done in honor of the 50 year anniversary of the Sundance Fire. That fire ripped right along the ridge where Fault Lake lies.

The trail is in amazing shape right now, and Fall is an awesome time to ride it with the change in colors. The only thing you will miss from the summer is a dip in the lake. Remember, you still will have to ditch your bike in the trees and hike the last mile as it is mostly unrideable...but totally worth it. Here are some pics from our ride...

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