Monday, March 29, 2021

Cyclo Femme de Sandpoint 2021

 Year #8 for this ride.  Pretty simple concept here.

You know we love girls on bikes, hell we have a couple that work here at the shop...and they are not afraid to get their fingers greasy either. Join the GF ladies, and the rest of the GF crew, as we celebrate and encourage women of all ages to ride their bikes. This will be a casual group ride out the Dover bike path to the marina and back (around 8 miles round trip).

As in years past, if there is group interest, we will make a drink stop at Dish.

So, grab your mother, sister, niece, aunt, daughter, BFF, wife, GF, grandmother or whoever and let's ride.
Although this is about women, manbassadors (or men) are also encouraged to come and show support.

This ride is part of Cyclofemme, a global cycling day for women See Less