Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 RTL - Priest Recap/Pics

So, the 2010 Round the Lake - Priest went off without any major hitches.  A bent wheel, a broken pedal, broken spokes and some scraps and bruises were the worst of it.  2 mechanical issues did prevent 2 riders from completing the ride.  First, let me say thanks to all that participated, through your efforts we tallied $190 toward Team Laughing Dog's goal to Ride Across America next June to raise money for autism research.

Second, let me give a quick shout out to the volunteers that made this event what it was:
  • Jane, for manning the lunch stop and for keeping me on schedule and organized...I really couldn't do it without her
  • Larry, for his help flagging the trails and making the map
  • Betty (my mom), for manning the rest stop and providing the delicious baked goodies
  • Mark, for volunteering most of his afternoon to driving the SAG wagon and making sure everyone was doing OK on the final leg
The primary route around both Upper and Lower Priest Lakes included 5 trails (totally 35 miles) and 45 miles of road riding for a total accumulated elevation gain of over 6,000 feet for the day!  6 riders did the primary route while others did some variation that included a little more road riding and cutting out the Woodrat trail...and lots of climbing.  In the end, no matter the route taken, everyone completed the task of riding around both lakes.

This was not a race, but for those of you interested, Jake Ostman lead all riders with a time of 8 hours!!  Amazing, considering he did all 5 trails on the route and had 10 broken spokes.  Good job Jake, but next year we are testing before the ride.  Suzanne Pattinson lead the ladies with a time of 8 1/2 hours and did 4 of the 5 trails.

riders ready, at Beaver Creek
Matt and Keith
coming into the rest stop for baked goods
getting ready for the big climb
mountain bike pace line
Remember, "One Lake is Good, Two is Better." See you on the trails.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RTL notes/tee design

Hot off the press, here is the design for this year's tee.  It's grey and only comes in unisex cut.  Remember, if you'd like one of these, email me at with you size by this Friday, August 20.  It will cost you $10 extra on Saturday for a total of $25.  If you don't want a tee, simply do nothing but show up ride day with $15 and a good attitude!

I went and rode a section of the RTL route last weekend.  The Woodrat Trail is a wreck!  4 Wheelers have taken over the area and there are trails diverging in all directions with no clear trail markers.  Finding your way through the maze is a challenge to say the least.  There are too many options.  Unless I can find some time to sort this trail system out and get it flagged, this section of the ride may be omitted.  It would just mean more road riding to bypass it.  Bummer.

On a more positive note, the Lakeview trail area is awesome.  Trail is in great shape.  Some good little climbs that are going to test your legs at the end of the RTL route.  It will make the beer at the end taste that much better.

Animal sightings: First, saw a cougar on the Lakeview Trail!  He was walking up the trail, saw us and turned around and headed back down.  It only lasted a few seconds, but it got the heart rate up even more than it was.  I guess I'll go the rest of my life now without seeing another.  Second sighting, after we finished riding those 2 trails, we headed to the Nordman store/bar for a couple beers.  There I saw possible the biggest, strangest dog ever.  "Frank" is a cross between a Lab and a Great Dane.  Termed the "official greeter" of the store, Frank made my dog, Shadow look like a puppy when they stood next to each other.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ride Idaho Pics

In case you missed it, last Monday the Ride Idaho group came to town and camped at City Beach.  Over 350 riders and more than 50 support crew descended on Sandpoint for one evening and then they were off to Troy, MT (I know, not in Idaho but there is only so much room the the Panhandle).  A couple notes of interest.  The City Beach has NEVER allowed overnight camping or alcohol before...but they made an exception for these riders.
Pend Oreille Pedalers and Team Laughing Dog were on hand to distribute info and raise money.
Laughing Dog had lots of 219er flowing!
live music under the tent
you might recognize this "fixie" from the 6-Pack Alley Cat
over 400 tents at City Beach
talk about traveling in style, a semi outfitted with his and hers showers follows the riders to each stop

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Round the Lake (RTL) - Priest Lake

RTL this year will be at Priest Lake on Saturday, August 28, 2010.  The route will go counter-clockwise starting at Beaver Creek campground, around the lower lake, all along the East side, up around the North end of the upper lake and back down to Beaver Creek.  What can you expect?  About 37 miles of paved road riding and approximately 38 miles of some super-sweet single track.  The route I have planned will keep you on single track as much as possible, cutting out road riding.  I will hand out detailed maps and turn-by-turn directions before we start.  Registration is between 7-7:45am Saturday morning and will be $15.  If you want and event tee, email me your size before August 19, for an extra $10.  Will the tees be cool?  Absolutely! If you know me, I love designing shirts.  Check back and I will post a pic of the design.  Also, there will be a rest stop and a lunch stop along the way.  What more do you want?

Proceeds benefit Team Laughing Dog's RAAM team.  If you don't know about this adventure, 4 guys from Sandpoint are going to ride across the U.S., totally 3,000 miles in 9 days.  They will start in Oceanside, CA and end in Annapolis, MD.  This all takes place next June and will raise funds for autism research.  I will be one of the mechanics on the 14-member support crew who will follow these riders in vans to ensure that they arrive safely and without incident.

Hope to see you at Priest Lake!!  It will be an awesome ride.  Email me at with any questions.  Thanks.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

6-Pack Alley Cat Recap

So, we had 26 riders show up for the 1st ever alley cat last Saturday.  We had one flat and a couple riders that got the wrong answers at their checkpoint (have to pay attention).  But everyone regrouped at Laughing Dog Brewing and was smiling from ear to ear.  Everyone was talking about how much fun they had and wondering when we could do another.  I was surprised at how fast some of the riders completed the ride.  Maybe I'll have to make it a little harder next time.  Things happened so fast, we didn't get many pics during the event but here's a few from Laughing Dog.

Jay, 1st place in the road bike division and overall
Mashed alley cat for one of our DFLs
Birthday girl Karen helped draw numbers

1st Jay Zmuda
2nd Rebekah Davis
DFL Cathy Treble

1st Jeff Perry
2nd Mike Horn
DFL Connie Reed

1st Ed Vanvooren
2nd Tess Howell & Aleya Murray (tandem)
DFL Niel Jacobson

Thanks again to all that participated and to our sponsors: Laughing Dog Brewing, Sandpoint Sports, Maps & More, Joel's, Starbuck's and Stadium Sports 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6-Pack Alley Cat tees

Thanks to all that participated in the Alley Cat.  I will post some pics and a recap in a bit.  If you are interested in an Alley Cat tee, here is the design (text is on the front and logo is on the back).  They are nice, high-quality, black, Gildan tees with white text/logo.  Men's sizes only.  They should be here in a week and will be $12.  Email me at with your size if your interested in one.  Thanks, Brian