Mountain Biking Trails & Conditions

Nothing sucks worse than heading out for a ride and finding a load of trees down, water, mud or snow pack on your favorite trail.  I update the following list with info from my rides or from reliable sources who report back.  A status of "Open" means it is rideable (however there may be minor hindrances).  Any other status means I don't know, so proceed at your own risk.  Please, use common sense and if a trail is muddy and you are leaving a rut, return another day.  Usually, low lying trails in the valley are rideable starting in March while high alpine trails wait until July.  Got a trail update, email me at

NOTE: As of 12/1/18, I am marking all mountain bike trails closed, not because they are actually closed to riding, just because they are not really rideable anmore given snow, ice and trees/brush.  Now, weather in North Idaho can be unpredictable, so trail conditions may fluctuate.  I am merely stating that from December onward, low lying trails are usually unrideable until March and high alpine trails until July.  Wanna know about fat bike riding, cruise over to the other page.

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